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Serving data from 80 pipelines and redesigned to allow data blending and data take in services Pulse provides the reporting to answer key business questions that run Google's operational support. This redesigned view provides quick access and valuable data for users. Communication from report and dashboard publishers to consumers of these reporting assets gives users confidence in their data analysis.



Eighty percent of Pulse users don't do reporting data analysis as their full time job. They rely on Pulse's UI to give them the information that need to make important operational decisions. When a report was last updated, who is the creator, how they should use this report are all key pieces of data for report usage. In addition allowing these users the ability to be self sufficient in data analysis but providing links to training material, demo videos and short cuts to presentation slides.  



Tracking goals and key metrics for a team that enables easy report and data visualization creation. This dashboard tool enables everyone with all abilities to analyze data.

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